Easy peasy 1/2scale torso stand using the rack system

Next craft project was to make this half scale torso stand.
and I got the materials and all that. Yet my brain was still thinking something different.
then I come up with this. I use the pole rack system for my craft shelf and table.
this has been my ride or die furniture for the past 10 years. It is like LEGO.
you can make however you want. It’s basically the shelves, yet, it could be the frame for your table, chair, and even sofa!( I use larger pole for that though)
and this time, I had this 80cm long one pole (usually use it for back of the shelf to make it stronger.) attached that to my craft table where I work on. As you can see the pic below.

Slide the torso into another pole that’s coming from it.
and this can move back and forth, so if i want to work on pattern drafting.
I can just pull this out to the middle of the table, when its done I can push it back to place
it on my craft wall. Although this stand itself is very moving.
so…it will be nicer to come up with something like tripod stand leg attached to its pole….


well my original plan was to make concrete stand. I might do it, or I might not.
So far I will work with this pole stand system!