I am changing Half scale torso project again….

One thing I wasn’t sure abut writing blog is that I just change what I am working on so quickly I can’t stay till I finish the project. Especially the process is overwhelming….

If i see the better way I just keep on hopping to start all over again.

This time, my half scale torso making project.

I came across that pattern that has the size I wanted, and I only needed to adjust my waist size which it shouldn’t be that hard. So… yea I bought the pattern….Because. This is much easier and faster, I have to short cut the process.

1/2 Scale Mannequin PDF Pattern – MEDIUM FEMALE

She put out the instruction kind enough with pictures and more explanations, and I was thinking, if i could double the pattern itself. I can make my full scale torso as well, and that could be more worth the price! Of course it will take more effort to do it.

But I didn’t have time to work on something i am not so sure of and adjusting the process. Because my whole purpose of having this is start working on my new designs with patterns with less time and fabric.

She also has the arm and head pattern. I am thinking about getting that as well.

That way I can try making the hood included pattern garments and try out hat making also.
that’s exciting too!

so I am still working on it though…but I feel like I can see the path to finish this project to move on to my next step.

Winter vacation is coming up so I would like to finish this by then. So maybe maybe I can bring the half scale torso to vacation house. And working on my new designs in front of the wooden stove with hot chocolate and stay warm inside the house while it’s snowing outside.

And that’s my imagination for this winter, new year vacation!