working on half-scale crotched torso for pattern drafting

after considering and trying with 1/3 scale doll torso to practice pattern drafting.
I couldn’t help researching more about the half-scale torso to work on pattern making.

When I read this post, I figured that 1/3 or 1/4 torso is too small.
In order to cut the process of making clothes, (it is such a overwhelming process to do this from scratch)
I decided to go with practicing with half-scale pattern drafting to save time and fabric cost.

then I look for the half-scale torso. and this was my great option to buy

etsy-dea ling size 14 link

although, I couldn’t help but to think making it on my own half scale torso with clay and cardboard to make my figure first and have that pattern, make the mold from it and uletan foam to make my pinnable DIY half scale torso. This is still imagination, but I wanted to go for it.

well as you can see the picture above. I lay down on a big paper, and asked my son to draw  my body line, to make my actual size, then draw again to make it half scale, from that
trace it on cardboard sheet, to have a base for the figure.

next process was I did put some alminium sheet to have some volume before I started attached the clay.

little by little to make it look like my body shape.
in that picture, I look very hungry. Lol
dont worry I will add more meat  this is still part of the process.
I keep posted for more progress!