Having a second thought for DIY torso making…..

Yea……. This is my pattern. Since making my own figure crotched body form by clay….just because other clay I bought didn’t work… i am having a second thought.

I decided to try this cling wrap method to cover my neck to thigh area, and draw the lines to certain points and cut the wrap and flattened to trace it on paper. As you can see the whole body section some area wasn’t wrapped enough.
I  tried again from the bottom part only for the second time. make sure to wrap enough to make sure it has enough thickness so when I cut and to figure out more accurate shape. hope that will work.

I traced all of them and made into half scale

something like this
this is such a long process to even get to sew… I always lost interest while I am doing it…
I still have to make thigh area to trace the pattern first and size down to half scale and trace that to cut
then, I can cut the fabric and get to sew. but I dont have that good fabric to work on.
so as you go with the flow unprepared. those little steps makes you stop working on the project…..


well I guess I have to keep going. Hope to keep posted about this though!