Yay! Finished my 1/2 scale torso!

From this previous post. I finished the project!! I focused working on this too much, forgot to take all the footage. There are more hand stitching needed in this project. But overall I loved the finish look. I still have to work on the stand, which will be my next craft project.
thinking about making with instant concrete block. So i can make the shape that I want.

I used the filling, but I might change it to EVA foam to make the figure, then stuff the filling inside, then cover that figure with the fabric. That way I can have smooth surface and more solid when I pin the body….maybe. Thats my guess. But so far I will work on my pattern with this little me. Hopefully when i double the pattern I create with this torso will fit my actual body. It should though… lets see.

I am also planning to make double the pattern for this torso. so I can have actual size torso.
that could be super cool. But that’s another day.

Ooooh, I can’t wait to  drape the pattern, or draft the pattern with this!