Pajama and sleeping eyes for IKEA orangutan doll

I could finally worked on this project. Since my work for this year was done couple days ago. I could make some time to work on the pajama and sleeping hats for this IKEA orangutan stuffed animal doll for my niece as her birthday present. Which was supposed to be on October…. But you know…. As lazy and busy like myself. I have been postponing that project for a while. I was supposed to meet her during winter vacation, but they suddenly couldn’t come to the family gatherings, so I could buy more time to finish this project.

anyway, I made the pattern rom the non woven fabric, as I wanted to try it. And it was simple and quick pattern, didn’t really take too long. Fabric is freece, my son picked for her. So its cat pattern for monkey. But its okay. Lol.

And this is my plan. I will attach the sleeping eyelids and eyelashes to the hat. So when my niece put the hat on to this monkey, monkey will look like he is sleeping. When she plays with him.  I just hope she doesn’t get the idea of having eyes on the hat literally… lol,

And also I will added the nose bubble, this might not familiar to you guys, but in Japanese culture, when you read manga, and the character sleeps, he or she always have this nose bubble coming out. It’s just the pattern of expression of sleeping. So I wanted to add this nose bubble to make it look more comical.

this is not finished yet, as I couldn’t have met her during winter vacation, so I will post more with the finish look when I give the doll to her! Can’t wait to see her reaction;-)