Saturday breakfast Techo time at McDonald’s

I have been trying to find my best techo time style at cafe. I don’t want to bring too much, yet I will need the certain stuff to work on my techo.

so I went to McDonald’s, cause their table is pretty small. I didn’t bring my measure today, so its not accurate but the table width was about 45cm. And to be able to fit my iPad mini and the techo at the same table, I was trying to figure out the best techo size. Since I make all my planners myself, I can make however I want from paper size, but that’s also daunting process. Even though I want to enjoy the process, its exhausting.

anyway, as much as I wanted to enjoy my typing, working on it, there were this two girls lacrosse team girls were just loud as hell, I couldn’t focus. I guess I wasn’t in a good place today.

Oh well, lets remove myself from that situation.