My current planner-note stack and looking for 2024…..

My planner and note system has been chaos through out the whole year of 2023. And usually during December, people started posting planner/note line up for next year. And for me…still in the midst of chaos, changing the note size and the purpose so much. I dont even know what to do this at this point.

So I am just going to write and show what I am currently using.

so far I guess I can say 5 to 6 planners and notes are my usual daily basis use.
I will almost finish that yellow cover A5 stalogy within thins month, so I am preparing for the B6 stalogy notes instead. As for my home planner that includes the family schedule, budget, meal planning and monthly memory will be on A5 discbound.
and also night time planners which has 3 notes above in the picture. I want to make its cover to include some night time ritual goods. So I have so much plan on those planners and notes. But I have to tackle one by one.

have you decided your planner line up for next year? It is overwhelming sometimes. But I alway try to enjoy the process though;-]