Last craft of 2023 is another planner wallet! Hope this will end…

I had to travel on the afternoon that day in the morning, I was conflicted whether I should just start making, or postpone it till the trip is over. But my brain, my brain always rush me to do it, when I want something really bad, and if you have slight chance to get it done,  it just goes for it. So I did. I made this planner cover, wallet in 2 hours. I already done this about 7-8 times, making the same design, with different sizes this year. So that made me decide to go for it easier.

This time, the planner area got much more thinner because its notebook style,
compared to discbound planner,
and the wallet area is on the right side. I hold this wallet with my left hand, so this works perfect. And easy to open the planner that I didn’t make any straps. It’s just the note and the wallet in the back.

Notebook style planner I added was the weekly spread that includes my schedule am and pm. And my family even, to do list, and the expense log. Since its attached to my wallet, and I will keep all the receipts, if I can jot down the expense on this book. I am hoping to stop overspending. And see how much its been spent on that week. I also attach empty B7 size Kokuyo notebook for extra stuff I want to write down.

Inside the cover, I couldn’t be bothered adding extra pockets…though I should. My time limit was coming, as I needed to pack and prepare for travel. So this time, I didn’t do it.

but overall I love the end results, and I couldn’t keep my hands off on this planner wallet cover. I just touch and open the notes when I dont even have anything to write on. I just want to take a look at it. Lol.

so this was my last minute craft of 2023….. I still haven’t set my planner lineup for 2024, as I just change the set up so often. I dont even want to….

but will post if anything comes up for the lineup.