JBL wireless earphone custom design to make it pop!

My auntie gave me this as my 40 something year old gift. As I am getting older, birthday gift is something you dont really expect to have every year.

I was not going to ask anything when she asked me what I would want for my birthday gift.

But she insisted so I gave in, I chose this JBL wireless earphone that will last longer the one I had been using.

And this was a good surprise.

It came, and it was beautiful, yet the color was something I didn’t really pay attention to. Turns out its almost looking like my skin tone. So when I put this in my ear, It does look like I have some bump coming out from my ear…lol

Or you could say hearing aid that’s usually made in nude, skin color…so I thought
I should dress up this little one.
I decided I can decorate this something abstract, Memphis design inspired cute pop custom ear phone case.

Here is some design I come up with, and my plan is to draw some design with POSCA pen, and UV resin to make sure the color wont come off, then also add some polymer clay 3D objects to make it more fun! Well lets see how it goes!

it is still an idea, I will update this more on this once I get it done!