Yummy snack toast paste

So just come up with the idea of the paste for my snack toast.
You need  butter or margarine( its probably better to use butter for the body in long term)
and I have this solid curry block. So i chop it up till get close to powdery,

and mix with melted butter(this time I use margarine). And that’s it. The powder could be anything too!  You can add garlic powder, chopped herbs for more flavors,  I also have shiitake mushroom powder.  I added that as well. This paste will not be your main taste. But certainly add the layer to the taste. You know something behind it to make your taste have more deep. I am not good at expressing the words… but you know what I mean. Lol. I might make more of these to bring it to winter vacation for the breakfast toast in the morning. That will go well with the coffee for sure!