Dried shiitake mushroom is your next croutons for the soup!

I just had this idea using dried shiitake mushroom as croutons for the soup!

I heard it on the news that promotes dried shiitake is spreading outside of the Japan, and wanted to share how I use for quick snack during the day.

It’s so simple and easy to adapt!

All you need are one piece of dried shiitake mushroom, soup powder and hot water.

Once you chop it up shiitake mushroom add them to the soup powder and pour the hot water and stir. Thats it.

I used to hate shiitake mushroom as a kid, that its textures, and the flavors didn’t match to my undeveloped tongue. as I grow, I grow to love mushrooms, Especially grilled rich fat mushroom almost taste like a meat!

As for the soup with shiitake mushroom croutons, mushroom will get softened in the hot water, so you will get to chew them as well. I used the corn cream soup to go with, I think any soup flavor will match the shiitake mushroom.

Hope you like this one!